Recreational Coed Adult Soccer League

Camarillo, California

The Camarillo recreational coed adult soccer league was started in 2010. Our league is part of the new North American Adult Soccer Association (NAASA). NAASA is part of AYSO. While AYSO handles the youth players, NAASA was formed by AYSO to handle the adult players. Our local league is numbered CA0065 by NAASA. Note that NAASA CA0065 (over 18 years old program) is a separate region and program from the local AYSO Region 68 which runs the youth AYSO program in Camarillo. To learn more about AYSO Region 68 see the Links page. Our adult coed soccer league had 4 teams in the Fall 2010 and Spring 2011 season and 6 teams in the Fall 2011 and Spring 2012 season.


NAASA CA0065 is a recreational coed adult soccer program. No minimum requirement of soccer or physical skill is required. The only requirement is that you come out to have some fun. The intent is to play soccer on Sunday and then go to work on Monday. This is NOT a league for players who are trying to show how they would play semi-pro soccer. Individuals who are trying to play semi-pro or serious soccer SHOULD NOT APPLY. This league has a wide range of players with different skill levels. Some players have never played soccer before, while other players are highly skilled. Our intent is to have friends and family members playing while enjoying the game.

All players must agree to our ‘Fair Play Pledge’. The ‘Fair Play Pledge’ covers basic safety and sportsmanship rules of the league. Anyone not willing to follow this philosophy will be removed from the league with no refund of fees. The following are some of the violations of our rules that result in permanent removal from the league:

We reserve the right to determine any other causes for removal at the discretion of the league board based on the severity of the offense.

Players are assigned to teams to create balanced teams. No existing teams are allowed to enter the league as a team. There will be a limited number of teams. Applications received after the teams are formed are placed on teams with space available or placed on a waiting list. Players can play with relatives and request to play with a friend.

Games are refereed by NAASA certified referees, who are paid per game. Note that AYSO Intermediate and National referees can register as a NAASA referee for free.

League registration fees are used to pay the fixed NAASA player fee ($30), team uniforms and field expenses (including the game referees). The league is an non-profit organization. Board members are volunteers (not paid). The league partners with Pleasant Valley Recreation & Park District (PVRPD) to provide this program. The league thanks the PVRPD and AYSO for their help and support.

Camarillo Coed Adult Soccer League Background

League Coordinator

     Matt Adams   

Referee Coordinator

     Cindy Elliott

NAASA CA65 Board

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