Recreational Coed Adult Soccer League

Camarillo, California

NAASA (North American Adult Soccer Association, part of AYSO) adult soccer league Region CA0065 is a recreational coed adult soccer league located in Camarillo, California (Ventura County).  

Camarillo Coed Adult Soccer League Overview

Recent News:    last updated on September 15, 2014

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Fall 2014 Season Info
About Us

As of August 29:


** Important Pleasant Valley Fields (PVF) use note: ALL PLAYERS and REFS can only use ‘TURF’ type shoes at PVF. No ‘cleat’ type shoes will be allowed at PVF game site.


The secondary Fall 2014 field/site will be at Woodcreek Park. Woodcreek Park will be used on some Sundays. Players can use ‘cleat’ or ‘turf’ type shoes at the Woodcreek Park site.  


Both PVF and Woodcreek Park sites have grass soccer fields. Note that PVF site will be closed with any minor amount of rain. Woodcreek Park can still be used with minor rain.

As of Oct 5, 2011: Referees for the NAASA games can now register for free with NAASA. Referees can register with NAASA via the regular player registration link on the ‘Link’ or ‘Registration’ page. Once you open the player registration link, click the option called ‘official for league’ to register as NAASA referee.   

Fall Schedule as of September 15:

First set of games will be played on Sept 19 (Friday night at 7 PM) at PVF. NO GAMES on Sept 21 (Sunday) afternoon. The 7 PM Friday night games will be ‘pick-up’ type games (no teams yet). Just show up to play on Friday (Sept 19) with registration paper work & payment.


League will form the teams on Sept 23 and publish the game schedules and team rosters on Sept 24. All players will be updated via email.


The plan is to have all players play 10 games during the Fall Season. However, there is no guarantee that we can get in all 10 games due to possible rain outs and other field conditions.    


Remember NO cleats allowed at PVF, must wear ‘turf’ type shoes at PVF.

Sept 15 Registration sign up notes:

There are 3 options for returning the paper registration forms (with checks).

Option #1: Mail to address on form page 3.

Option #2: Hand deliver forms to one of the two following addresses.

          160 Calle Segunda, Camarillo

  Or   6263 Armitos Drive, Camarillo

Option #3: Return in person (and for their friends) to league officials on September 19 (Friday) at PVF before the 7 PM games. Can pay in cash or check.


Please return forms ASAP. All registration forms received by Sept 23 will be placed on a team. We will form teams on Sept 23. Players will be emailed about which team they are on.

As of August 29:

FALL 2014 SEASON Update:

Fall 2014 season will consist of 2 games on Friday night (7 to 9 PM) played at Pleasant Valley Fields (PVF) under lights and the remaining weekly games played Sunday afternoon at either Woodcreek Park or PVF. Hope to have more information available by around Sept 5th.

Quick Overview As of September 15:

Fall 2014 season registration will be open starting September 5. Fall 2014 registration cost is $95 per player. First Fall Season games will begin on September 19 (Friday night at 7 PM at PVF).


Current Fall season game schedule:

Sept 19 (Friday) 7 PM - 2 pick up games at PVF

Sept 21 (Sunday) no games

Teams formed Sept 23

Sept 26 (Friday) 7 PM - first team games

Sept 28 (Sunday) 1 PM - remaining team game


Note: Players can bring registration forms & payment to Sept 19 (Friday) 7 PM pick up game.


Fall 2014 Season game format will consist of 2 games at Pleasant Valley Field (PVF) both starting at 7 PM (under lights). The remaining weekly game(s) played on Sunday afternoon at either Woodcreek Park or PVF.

Registration Notes as of Sept 5:

First day of registration for the Fall 2014 Season is September 5. Fall 2014 registration cost for ALL players is $95 per player. Note that this cost is some $10 higher than normal. This higher cost is due to the need of new jerseys for all players and Friday night light fees.


The registration process consists of filling out the 3 page paper registration form and returning them to the league with the $95 payment. The registration forms can be found at the ‘Registration’ tab.


Note that Fall Season $95 cost includes $25 that our league will mail to National AYSO. The $25 National AYSO player fee covers players from September 1st 2014 thru August 31, 2015. This $25 National AYSO fee will not be required again for the Spring or Summer seasons.

As of September 15:

Questions call Mike at 805-482-8707

Note #1 - Team formation now moved to Sept 23. Still receiving registrations. So instead of having to rebuild the teams twice, league has shifted team formation to Sept 23.


Note #2 - Still playing first games on Sept 19 (Friday). BUT now the Sept 19 night 2 games will be ‘pick up’ type games. All Fall season registered players can show up on Friday to play. Will form temporary teams at the field for the games. Also new players can show up and register at the games and then play. League officials will have extra registration forms at the fields.  All players need shin guards to play and turf shoes for PVF.


Note #3 - NO games on Sept 21 (Sunday). Back to the normal team games on Friday and Sunday starting Sept 26 (Friday) and Sept 28 (Sunday).